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New President and VP of Growth and Development Announced

Jul 28, 2023

We’re making waves this summer and putting the pieces in place to take things to the next level in this exciting new era! With a recent string of key hires embodying a spirit of service, strong desire, and impressive skill set poised to take Jeunesse® from success to significance, we are pleased to announce two new additions to our executive team — filling two FIRST-EVER positions within our organization. Please join us in welcoming our new President, Mel Gill, and our new Vice President of Growth & Development, Amie Gill!

Our respect, commitment, and passion for what Jeunesse stands for is unmatched. We were obviously drawn to Jeunesse for its storied success and meteoric rise, but we’re here to help write the next chapter.
- Mel Gill
Mel and Amie Gill entered the direct selling industry in 1989, when the industry had not yet reached critical mass. At that time, they were a newly married young couple attending college and deciding on their respective career paths.

Mel's family had a very successful restaurant business in the San Francisco Bay Area, and he was managing one of the newest operations. Amie had a newborn who was only 3 months old at the time. On a very momentous day in November 1989, they were introduced to the direct selling industry and immediately saw the vision of what was possible. They dove in head-first and experienced unprecedented rewards and recognition as top income earners at an early age.

Their local business soon took them around the world, experiencing huge success with exponential business growth in Australia, Thailand, Japan, and Canada. Having a massive and lucrative international business in their early twenties was the springboard for further success across Europe and Asia.

This ultimately became the foundation for bigger things to come when they transitioned into a new endeavor as founders and chief officers of their own tech-based direct selling company. For over 20 years, their cutting-edge communications platform expanded its reach throughout India, Dubai, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, North America, and beyond. With a focus on changing the way the world communicates, trains, markets, and educates, their affiliate network specialized in customizable streaming video solutions that are modern, user-friendly, and quickly deployed for consumers, small business, and enterprise markets alike.

We’re so excited to partner with a truly special leadership team who care deeply about this company’s legacy and the people connected to it. Our focus will be on the frontlines building hand-in-hand with our global ambassadors and influencers — the driving force behind everything we are and everything we do. Together we will hit higher plateaus, set new standards of excellence, and break even more records for the Jeunesse family all over the world!
- Amie Gill
After over 34 years of celebrated accomplishments and full-time success in the direct-to-consumer channel, Mel and Amie are passionate about partnership marketing for one primary reason: paying it forward and helping to dramatically change lives. For them, it’s much deeper than personal gains — it’s about creating better and brighter futures for individuals and families across the globe. It’s about people helping people as true agents of change.

It's this shared purpose-driven mission that serves as the driving force behind our company and our future goals. With this unique blend of both field and executive-level experience, Mel and Amie are a powerful duo with the perfect combination of perspective and expertise to help lead the next wave of growth with Jeunesse.

They currently reside in their hometown locale of the San Francisco Bay Area with their three children and enjoy traveling on both personal and professional adventures.